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Who to Contact?

General Questions including scheduling, fees, sponsorship.: Team Manager  Erin Beck

Questions about A meets:  A reps Jennifer Richardson or Aimee Narcissenfeld

Questions about B meets:  B rep Shannon Thomas 

Questions about website including access and usage issues:  Automation coordinator Laura Griffith

Questions about Social events:  Victoria May

Questions or concerns about practice, meet entries, last minute scratches, etc.  should be addressed to a coach.   See below.

Contacting a Coach

Lionfish Coaching Staff Bios and Contact Information can be accessed on the Coaches tab.

If you need to speak to a coach in person rather than through email, please wait until the end of the last practice of the day to hold the discussion. Both morning and afternoon practices run back-to-back. Discussions during the practice time disrupts the instructional time to the swimmers as well as the coach's lesson plan. If you can't speak to a coach after the last practice, please email the coach to set up a face to face meeting. Thank You.

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